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Tree Resource offers all aspects of tree service, including tree trimming and tree removal. Do you need an arborist report? Does your tree scare you? Our consulting arborists can assess tree risk, get city permits, and write you a report. Our certified arborists have a passion for trees and tree care. As professional tree workers we can prune or remove your tree in a caring and safe manner. Find out why Tree Resource is the best tree service in Seattle and Western Washington.

We are a Licensed, Bonded, and Insured Tree Service.

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Hiring a Tree Service – Workers Comp

How can you know if the Tree Service you are hiring is legit? Here in Washington State it is relatively easy to find out about a company through the state’s Labor and Industries website. At the state’s website you can follow the links through the lookup a contractor section…

A Case Study in Conservation Arboriculture.

This post highlights a greater need for eduction in terms of care of large trees. We use the term “conservation” to convey the thought of preserving valuable resources. In this case, the resource is a large cottonwood tree. The Poplar genus is often regarded as a weed tree in the…

Another One Bites the Dust or “Stop Cutting Down Nice Trees!”

One of the things that gets my blood boiling, (or my sap flowing, to speak as a tree), is when I hear about trees that have been declared “rotten” by someone who does not know what they are talking about. Even worse is when it is proclaimed to be so…